Removed Content

It may happen that people wish to remove content they have published on our website.

Here's our philosophy on that matter:

  • People have the right to remove content from the Internet, and that includes, obviously, our publication.
  • We remove content only if we're asked to.
  • We do our best not to judge the reasons behind an author's will to remove content published on the Pastry Box
  • The reasons behind content removal are kept private. We, the editors of the Pastry Box, won't discuss them publicly (unless we have been publicly attacked or disrespected, in which case we would, obviously, defend ourselves). On that matter, we sincerly hope our readership knows better than going on Twitter to feed the Internet with more “effin this, effin that”.

At the Pastry Box, we care deeply about content preservation, and since our editorial concept is to publish one text every day, we decided not to have “missing days”. Content that has been removed from the Pastry Box is replaced by an empty square. Empty squares are part of our history, as well.

Alex Duloz

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