Lucas Rocha

Lucas is an user interface engineer passionate about design. He is currently hacking on Firefox for Android at Mozilla. Lucas is the creator of that cute wallpaper app for Android called Pattrn. He posts his reflections on the craft of building user interfaces in The Layout. In the past, Lucas has worked at companies like litl and Nokia and has been a core GNOME contributor.

He keeps a personal blog. You can follow him on Twitter @lucasratmundo or Google+.

Published Thoughts

I build user interfaces. This is my craft. As a UI engineer, I translate design into code. And I deeply care about design.

While I’m implementing something, I see everything with technical eyes. It’s all about the code, nothing else. Once things become functional enough, I step back. Does this actually feel good to use? Does it make sense?

When building user interfaces, these are the two questions you should always be asking yourself:

  • How will my code affect the user experience?
  • How will the UI design affect my code?

The code shapes the design. And the design shapes the code. It should always go both ways: from inside out and from outside in.