Jeremy Zilar

Jeremy Zilar is the Blog Specialist and Content Strategist at The New York Times where he has overseen the launch of over 200+ blogs, real-time news publishing, and helped convert over 600 writers and editors around the world into digital-first journalists.

In early 2006, he was hired at The New York Times as a Design Technologist to 'figure out blogs'. Over the next few months he proceeded to design and develop a scalable framework for creative online publishing on and set out to teach writers and editors across the Times about the ethics of online publishing, as well as establishing the first newsroom guidelines for moderating reader comments and interaction.

Since then he has overseen the launch of over 200+ blogs, and in collaboration with some of the best writers and editors in the world, has helped to shaped the coverage of 2 Presidental Elections, 4 Olympics, 2 World Cups, 1 Mars landing, Hurricanes — both near and far, countless breaking news events, crossword tournaments, Apple Live Events, and Fashion shows.

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