Gareth Trufitt

Gareth is a Senior Web Developer at AKQA London. He grew up in Surrey but adopted a Manc twang after 8 years up North, which confuses everyone he meets. He started his career in-house focussing on Accessibility, moving to the agency world and e-commerce, onto platform builds and currently interactive web-apps, Gareth is always trying to stay ahead of the curve with varied success. He also occasionally enjoys cooking with varied success.

He tweets at @gtrufitt and you can find out more about him at Trufitt dot com.

Published Thoughts

One of those days.

It’s been one of those days. One of those days you spend fighting and no matter how many times you have an epiphany or a realisation, or you read something that finally makes sense, no matter how many times you refresh and wait with bated breath, it Does. Not. Work.

One of those days where I just want to quit Web Development and do something else entirely. Something where I’m not fighting one task for several hours just to be left defeated, dejected, and doubting my entire career choice.

One of those days where my Impostor Syndrome goes into overdrive.

The thing is, did I ask for help? Of course not. Why? Was it Pride? Maybe Fear? Or plain old Laziness?

Take a little bit of each of those and you’ve got a dangerous concoction that’ll have you holed up in your Javascript induced rage cave. Too damn proud to admit that you can’t work this out yourself, too damn scared that your co-workers and friends will think of you as a moron and too damn lazy to spend 10 minutes creating a demo of the problem. And with that mix, you’ll slide into Web Developer self destruction.

So tomorrow I’ll make it one of those days. I’ll sit down, I’ll create a demo and I’ll ask a colleague to listen while I talk them through it. If I’m lucky they’ll know the answer immediately and I’ll feel like an idiot.

But the thing is, they won’t think of me as an idiot. Because they remember the last time they asked for help, I didn’t think of them as an idiot.

I don’t need to tell you that tech and specifically front-end web development is one of the fastest moving industries out there, and it’s really really broad. And getting broader. There is a whole host of things we’re supposed to know as Web Developers  HTML, CSS, JS, Accessibility, Usability, and Design, as well as all those CMSs, frameworks, browser quirks, specifications, etc, etc. It’s just not feasible. When that simple nugget of info that you’re supposed to know stumps you, it’s probably because you spent a whole bunch of time learning something else that your co-workers and friends know little about.

So tomorrow I’ll push on, I’ll keep learning, I’ll ask for help and each day I’ll struggle and I’ll work it out or I’ll ask for help. And next week, next month or next year someone will come to me with a problem and they’ll feel like an idiot, but I’ll remember today, I’ll think about my failure and I’ll always, always be delighted to listen to them talk it through.