Gail Swanson

Gail Swanson is an experience designer in Chicago. She's passionate about creating experiences that help people be more productive, informed, delighted, and nice to one another. Her goal: to make sure that people are empowered by the technology they use rather than excluded and frustrated.

Experience design has the potential to make a positive impact in the way that people create products and solve problems. In order to open those doors, Gail works to make experience design teams play better with others. The ultimate goal is to happily work together to create things that work for people.

Gail is an associate director of user experience at Manifest Digital. You can find her on twitter @practicallyUX or

Published Thoughts

  • I’ll be skinny someday.

  • There will be time for writing, painting, needlepoint, cooking and watching movies.

  • Love will enrapture me without any effort.

  • Life is easy with enough money.

  • More friends = more happiness

  • Parenting is overwhelming and hard.

  • I’m an extrovert. 

  • Success brings riches. 

  • I need to keep a certain appearance to be respected.

  • The right appearance will make me happy.

  • Someday I will feel comfortable with my parents.

  • If I get everything right, life will be bliss and fun.

  • I’ll know if I did a good job because someone will tell me.

  • Popularity is required for success.

My life has been nothing like I thought it would be. I’m grateful.