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TV manufacturers are digging their own grave. I just moved to London and am trying to acquire a TV. In the stores I noticed they are promoting features once again, rather than ease of use. TVs come with processors these days. Some better than others as the sales guy made clear. A better processor gives you better streaming 3D on your connected TV. Most have a browser and offer a YouTube “app”. I used YouTube once via a remote control — it was a hilarious demonstration of a user interface disaster.

The complexity increase stands in stark contrast with added end-user value. Pretty much exactly as we were used to with music players, phones, and computers. Drawing the parallels is easy. What users care about is battery life, usability, aesthetics… Not the amount of CPUs a device carries. All I want is a display to which I can stream content, that looks somewhat nice, and is somewhat big. I do not care about connectedness, 3D, 3D glasses, processors, and the myriad of other options.

It seems to me that in their haste to make money out of large monitors they forget that this opens a door. Someone will offer a way cheaper largish display that is integrated with AirPlay (or equivalent) and lets me control it from whatever device I happen to be holding at the moment. No remote control, no features, just “display this”.

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