Last week, I took a train and joined over six-hundred other people at the New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham. It was an unusual experience for me. I’ve been to fifty-plus events since my first in 2005, but New Adventures 2012 was the first where I was there to soak up the experience and not to speak.

Sitting — sometimes a little uncomfortably — in the audience, I spotted people who are well known for their speaking, writing and industry leadership. People who have spoken at conferences as far away as San Francisco and Sydney. People who have written articles and books that have changed the web. People whose ideas have inspired thousands of designers and developers.

You might think that people like this were on the stage, but they weren’t. They were sitting, like everyone else, in the audience, because they were there to learn and be inspired.

That’s one of the great things about working on the web.

There’s always something new to learn and someone willing to teach you.

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