2015 Will Be Our Last Year

It's all in the title. 2015 will be the last year of the Pastry Box project. On December 31st, 2015, we will publish our last article.

It’s not that we're tired of the concept. It’s not that we're running out of time or energy to maintain the project. And our readership is still growing and enjoying the articles we publish.

So why stop?

At its heart, The Pastry Box was never conceived as a forever project. The original approach was to capture the thoughts of a community, and an industry, at a certain point in time and hand the results on to generations to come. My idea was that the texts gathered in The Pastry Box might serve in the future as a starting point for understanding our day and age. While many blogs and other online publications are perfectly fit to serve that purpose, our project was built with the idea of being dissected to the core at some point in the future, which makes it quite unique from a publishing point of view. In that regard, I have never read an article which went live on The Pastry Box without wondering how it would be perceived and used fifty years later, from both a historical and a sociological point of view.

I love working on The Pastry Box. And I feel that the project has achieved what it set out to do. As great a feeling as that is, it also inevitably leads us to question why we would keep operating.

I originally planned to run the project for a single year. But after 366 articles (2012 was a leap year), it appeared to me that our corpus should weigh a little more. So Katy and I put together 365 more articles. The project received a lot of recognition during that second year, and people started getting in touch with us to contribute to a third year. We were thrilled, and decided to put together 365 more articles. The same thing happened during that third year–people asking to contribute–plus we started accepting submissions. Besides which, helping our readers to discover great writers and helping great writers to be discovered is something we just don't want to stop doing right now.

So we will go on for a fourth year. To publish more content. To enrich our corpus, because we love what we do. And to say goodbye.

The Pastry Box will not become a gimmick. The Pastry Box is an event. It is not a continuum.

We will have time to thank you–yes, you–for the wonderful support you've provided and for the chance you gave us to run such a splendid publication, whether you're a reader or a contributor. We will do that in due course.

Although we're not going to disappear completely, it's certainly going to be hard. And sad, probably.

I sincerely believe that people should never forget why they started a project in the first place. You should stick to that original idea. If you keep that idea in mind, 99% of the time you will do the right thing when it comes to making decisions about that project.

The original idea behind The Pastry Box was to capture the thoughts of a community, and an industry, at a certain point in time.

Mission accomplished.